Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fire Island Pines, NY - USA - I am going for sure - Are you ???

Fire Island Pines, NY - USA Fri. August 14, 2009 - Sun. August 16, 2009 After an amazing launch in 2006, Summer 2009 will be the biggest and best Ascension yet! This gay and lesbian daytime world-class beach party is brought to you in part by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Fund in the Sun Foundation. Not only is Ascension a blast for everyone in the Pines, but it raises funds for worthy charitable causes. What could be better than miles of sun-drenched sand, a cool ocean breeze and scintillating music uniting a crowed of 4,000 celebrants by lifting and ascending their spirits? It's time for Ascension! Won't you join us for the only gay and lesbian, daytime beach party in the New York metro area and the largest gay, daytime beach party in the North? 2009 Ascension weekend is sure to be legendary with 18 exciting events scheduled over a 3-day weekend.

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