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Miami - TV SHOWS - Miami Social

Bravo has announced that it will premiere Miami Social, a new docu-reality series that will follow the lives of seven "hot, young professionals" living in Miami on Tuesday, July 14 at 10PM ET/PT and revealed the show's cast, which includes a pair of former The Apprentice and Big Brother contestants.


Miami Social, which Bravo began developing more than a year ago, will "follow a successful group of friends who are some of the most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach, as they go from the city's night life, to the board room, to magazine offices where they lead their intertwined lives," according to the network.

Two of the friends will be faces that are familiar to long-time reality television viewers: Katrina Campins, who competed on the first season of The Apprentice in 2004, and Hardy Hill, who competed on Big Brother's second season in 2001.
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Campins finished sixth on The Apprentice's first season and was billed as a 24-year-old real estate agent from Coral Gables, FL at the time. Hill finished fourth on Big Brother 2 and was billed a 31-year-old account executive and bouncer from York, PA.

Campins later married Ben Moss, her high school sweetheart, in August 2004 and the pair founded The Campins Company, a real estate brokerage firm they still operate, that same year. However while the business has been a success, the couple's personal relationship has apparently has seen better days, and Campins now "finds herself struggling with the rising success of her company versus the romantic lows of her marriage," according to Bravo.

Hill now lives in Miami, where he serves as the president and CEO of Hill Hospitality Group and hosts "the hottest weekly parties at the chicest clubs, restaurants and hotels in South Beach," according to the network.

Miami Social's other cast members are Ariel, a fashion producer; Michael, a freelance editor; Maria, an art director and freelance photographer; and George, a mortgage banker, and his ex-wife Sorah, a realtor and property manager.

Miami Social is being produced by Pink Sneakers, with Kimberly Cowin and John Ehrhard serving as executive producers.

Below are the cast's Bravo-released biographical descriptions:

Ariel is one of the key players in the Miami nightlife scene, a regular at the hottest parties and clubs in town and always on the VIP list. Never one to sit still, he works as one of Miami's premiere fashion producers and also serves as Vice President of one of the family business, 20/20 Vision Management, Inc. Ariel counts his social life as his other occupation, and is personal friends with some of Miami's top fashion designers and celebrities. There is never a dull moment with Ariel, who considers the posh area of South Beach his personal playground. Tapped into the fashion, entertainment and celebrity world of Miami, Ariel continues to make his mark as part of the fast-paced "It Crowd."

George is the quintessential "man about town" in South Beach. He is a high-powered mortgage banker and also owns his own investment and consulting firm, and says making money is one of his primary hobbies. George is divorced from fellow castmate Sorah. They still live in the same apartment building and have remained close friends, despite his fiery and tumultuous relationship with current girlfriend Lina. By day, George's focus is on his career, but by night, he's regularly seen around South Beach and is a regular at the hottest clubs in town. Never one to shy away from drama, George stands at a crossroads in his life, trying to balance his party animal ways with settling down and making things work with Lina.

Hardy is the man to know in Miami. He is the President and CEO of Hill Hospitality Group, and is the host of the hottest weekly parties at the chicest clubs, restaurants and hotels in South Beach. His job keeps him at the forefront of the wild Miami nightlife, where work and play are sometimes blurred. Described as "opinionated and strong-willed," he strives to balance his career and the pressures of the nightlife with the thought of settling down with the right woman.

Katrina epitomizes the saying "work hard, play hard." A no-nonsense approach to business made her a powerhouse at a young age, and she is one of Miami's hottest real estate agents, ranking in the top ½ percent of realtors nationwide. She founded and owns her own real estate brokerage firm, The Campins Company, which caters to an elite clientele, including celebrities and athletes. She was also one of the stars of the first season of The Apprentice. Born and raised in Miami, this Cuban-American bombshell knows the ins and outs of the city and is tapped into the nightlife and a staple on the social scene. Never one to sit still, Katrina finds herself struggling with the rising success of her company versus the romantic lows of her marriage.

Maria is a no-nonsense Russian bombshell who has taken Miami by storm. After moving to the city in 2005, it took her no time to make a mark on the scene, and only is seen at the chicest spots in South Beach. She currently works as an art director and freelance photographer after studying at the prestigious Miami Ad School, and has had the opportunity to travel the world for her job. She describes herself as "forward, rebellious and fiery," but is a passionate and devoted mom to 13-year-old Angelika.

Michael is one of Miami's "in the know," tapped into the media world as a freelance editor covering local entertainment and A-list celebrities for magazines such as In Touch. He also commentates for local and national TV shows such as CNN's Showbiz Tonight. He is currently working hard at launching his own website -- -- an e-commerce site that will cover all that is fashionable. His job allows him the freedom to explore the hottest Miami locales, including lunch meetings at the chicest hotel pools and cocktails on the hottest rooftop lounges. A lover of the outdoors, he enjoys life with his three-year-old poodle, Austin, all while looking for love in the sometimes complicated and dramatic world of South Beach.

Sorah is a successful business woman who carefully balances work and play. She is a realtor and property manager and also works in the home remodeling industry. Having "been there and done that" with the South Beach party scene, Sorah enjoys chilling at the beach or chic hotel pools, and hitting up the hottest South Beach restaurants for nights out with the girls. Divorced from ladies man George, she still maintains a somewhat complex friendship with him despite their close living quarters -- which complicates things with her current boyfriend, Gonzalo, who also lives in the same building.

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